Travel is Always a Good Idea

My mother invited me on a mother-daughter trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend. My lameo attitude and initial story that I made up in my head was "I don't have enough money to take a trip right now." That's what I said, "I don't have the money". I came from an attitude of lack and got caught in the box of telling myself to stay safe and save money. All of a sudden my favorite motto of "Travel is Always a Good Idea" triggered. It helped me to bust out of that box and to detach from being stuck in a limiting belief.

I chose to focus on what I would gain by taking the trip vs holding onto the story/false reward of saving money and staying safe. The big fat truth of what you choose to focus on becomes your reality is no joke. Why wouldn't you create a life that is totally awesome, especially when you can literally create any reality that you want?

As Jen Sincero puts it, "Life is an illusion created by your perception."

End result -- I made a beautiful memory with Mamma Sue Bear, made friends along the way, and felt inspired when I returned back home.

My hope is that by sharing this motto of "Travel is Always a Good Idea" and this short-story with you it may help you the next time you are faced with a wonderful opportunity and yet you begin to list off reasons why you cannot take the journey. Instead, become aware of what you will gain in your story and shift your perception to create your own awesome reality.


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