How willing are you to make your thoughts/dreams become reality?

she envisages while gazing into the beautiful the scenery

If it doesn’t work out, then what is it you weren’t willing to do?Where did you stop? Everything that continues and will continue to come at you, they could be challenges turned into opportunities. These challenges are there for a reason, there are no accidents. Everything that comes into your life is on purpose.

Think of all the things you believe to be impossible and then shift that consciousness 180 degrees. Impossible is not a part of the consciousness of miracle makers. Miracles in of all form might require some action on your behalf. In order for that to happen you have to understand that your doubt or belief that it cant happen is the thing that is keeping it from happening. Doubt and fear are not the avenues that you can take to manifest miracles, you have to traverse the path of knowing and trust.

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