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“Join Dr. Lana & Randi Graves in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona where you will be guided through a healthy reunification with your body and mind through natural medicine, movement and holistic nutrition. 


Spend the weekend elevating your lifestyle and optimizing your health with holistic conversations highlighting the importance of hormonal balance, digestive health, movement as medicine and the effects of stress and cortisol on the brain, body, and performance. 


Between holistic lessons by Dr. Lana and daily movement and mindfulness reboots by Randi Graves, take time to treat yourself to acupuncture + cupping treatments, massages, nutrient IVs, intention-style journaling and time by the pool.


To round out the weekend, all meals will be plant-based and created on site by Chef Stacey Weber, with interactive cooking classes and recipes for you to take home and integrate along with the rest of your newly acquired holistic tools! “

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